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Groza Wins Golden Nugget Award Presented by Pacific Coast Builders Conference

JULY 2019 | PCBC Golden Nugget Awards

These prestigious design awards recognize those who improve our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development.

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Contemporary Ranch

JUNE 2019 | Digs

Feldman Architects and Groza Construction builds a Northern California property to have minimum impact on its natural surroundings.

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Seeking The Sublime Rustic Glam

APRIL 2019 | Aspire

Set beside a canyon in Carmel, California, with windswept meadows and ancient hills, the house that architect Jonathan Feldman designed for David and Suzanne Rinaldo mimics the shape of the swaying treeline.


California Dreaming: A Golden Landscape on the Edge of the Continent

MARCH 2019 | Gardenista

Picture a house sitting in a meadow of California wildflowers, welcoming butterflies. That was the dream of clients who searched for two years for the right piece of land before buying a parcel on California’s central coast, near Carmel. 

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Carmel Getaway

MARCH 2019 | California Homes

For this Carmel getaway, TWG focuses on the majestic beauty of the property's ocean views. The clients' primary residence is in landlocked Kansas, and the vacation house originally belonged to the wife's mother.

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Contemporary Estate

FEBRUARY 2019 | Architectural Digest Latino

In Northern California, 200 kilometers from San Francisco, the Santa Lucia Preserve is an exclusive community with exceptional homes.

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This Ranch Reinterprets The Country House Concept

DECEMBER 2018 | Elle Decor Spain

A weekend home, a retreat in Santa Lucia Mountains of Carmel - it's Ranch Oh, by Feldman Architecture. Surrounded by Valley Oak, a place of centuries-old trees, the house is shaped like a horseshoe with views of the surroundings.

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Pretty Example of Architecture: Butterfly House, California


In the category of handsome houses: meet the Butterfly House. This home is built in the Santa Lucia Preserve, a 20,000-hectare estate near Carmel, California. The idea: to design a 'pension-ready' house in which the customer can live until his last day. 

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An Airy Woodland Retreat Nestled in Carmel’s Santa Lucia Preserve

NOVEMBER 2018 | One Kind Design

The home is utilized as a weekend getaway, whose design was developed around mature Valley Oak trees, forming a horseshoe-shaped residence. The overall design reflects a traditional ranch house with modern influences.


Butterfly House Featured In DIGS Magazine

APRIL 2018 | DIGS Magazine

The clients approached Feldman Architecture to design a retreat for eventual retirement and visits from their grown children—a retreat befitting the natural beauty of the location in the Santa Lucia Preserve, a 20,000 acre private development and land trust near Carmel, California. 

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Butterfly House / Feldman Architecture

NOVEMBER 2018 | ArchDaily

The clients approached Feldman Architecture to design a retreat for eventual retirement and visits from their grown children—a retreat befitting the natural beauty of the location in the Santa Lucia Preserve, a 20,000-acre private development, and land trust near Carmel, California. 

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Butterfly Roofs Top This Stunning California Home 

OCTOBER 2018 | Airows

Feast your eyes on this beautiful California home by Feldman Architecture that features "butterfly" v-shape roofs, a heavy dosage of modern style and environmentally sensitive construction. When can we move in....?

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An Inside Look at California's Caterpillar House

SEPTEMBER 2018 | Build with Rise

The first LEED Platinum custom home on California’s Central Coast defines the essence of sustainability. Combining an aesthetic, modern design, connection to the local landscape, and several essential elements of sustainable construction, the Caterpillar House can act as a prototype for homes seeking maximum sustainability, livability, and aesthetics. 


Butterfly House design featured in DSigners

AUGUST 2018 | DSigners

Sitting lightly on the land, the house is divided into three pavilions that are topped by expressive butterfly roofs. Each pavilion has a separate function: the central pavilion houses the main living, dining, and cooking spaces, while two other pavilions provide for sleeping, bathing, and relaxing. 

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Into the Wild: Ranch OH, Butterfly, Caterpillar House Features

JUNE 2018 | Artravel

Created fifteen years ago, Feldman Architecture took the task of drawing houses where man and the environment would flourish in symbiosis, forming a union, fabulous and illusory, for life. For discovery.


Butterfly roofs top rural house in Carmel by Feldman Architecture

JANUARY 2018 | Dezeen

V-shaped roofs cover each of the three pavilions that make up this Californian residence by US studio Feldman Architecture, which was constructed in an environmentally sensitive private community.


Uncrate Butterfly House Feature

2018 | Uncrate

Located on a 20,000-acre private preserve in California, the Butterfly House takes inspiration from the brightly-colored insects that inhabit the surrounding meadow. 


9 Gorgeous Houses That Prove Your Dream Home Is Also A Green Home

DECEMBER 2017 | Huff Post

What is sustainability, and what would it look like in your own home? There are a lot of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, like going vegetarian or driving an electric car, but chances are your house maybe be having a larger impact on the environment than you’d like.

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Stewardship In Building

JUNE 2017 | Santa Lucia Preserve

When visiting The Preserve, one is immediately struck by the lush and varied landscapes, the abundance of wildlife and enticing views - all reminders of the importance of stewardship as we inhabit this precious piece of land.


Carmel Realty Company Showcases Groza Construction

FEBRUARY 2017 | Carmel Realty Company

Carmel Realty Company presenting one of our recent home completions in Pebble Beach. Just in time for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am — in Pebble Beach, California.


Ranch OH featured in Dwell Magazine

JULY 2016 | Dwell Magazine

We are EXCITED to share that one of our projects is showcased in the July issue of Dwell Magazine. The article features beautiful images and wonderful exposition of the Ranch OH project. Pick up a copy or visit our website for more details of this exciting build by Groza Construction.


Defined Design: Butterfly House by Feldman Architecture

2016 | GB&D

Visionary firm Feldman Architecture recently took peace and serenity to a new level by creating an imaginative, sustainable getaway retirement home dubbed the Butterfly House. 


Butterfly House Wins 2015 American Architecture Award

OCTOBER 2015 | Chicago Anthenaeum Museum

This year’s American Architecture Awards feature exceptional buildings designed for every stage of our lives.


Preserve acknowledges Groza Construction as builder of the month

JUNE 2014 | Santa Lucia Preserve

Congratulations to Mark Twisselman and crew who are currently working on a new home in the Santa Lucia Preserve.  Last week the folks at the Preserve honored our crew for keeping a well maintained site. We were thrilled to be acknowledged.

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 2.50.17 PM.png

Butterfly House featured on the cover of Dwell Magazine 

APRIL 2014 | Dwell Magazine

A big thanks to Dwell for a great cover!  Congratulations to Feldman Architecture and the entire project team.  Mark Twisselman was the Groza job site superintendent on this amazing project.  Mark has been with the company for 27 years and all of us at Groza are very thankful for his contribution.


Butterfly House Wins AIA Citation Award


The Butterfly House, which Groza Construction built, has won the Monterey AIA Chapter Citation Award.  The house was designed by Feldman Architecture.  Groza has now constructed four houses for Feldman Architecture within the Santa Lucia Preserve.  With another successful completion under our belts – this surely won’t be the last effort for the Feldman/Groza team.


Kitchen Trends – Linking it all together

AUGUST 2013 | Kitchen Trends Magazine

Natural wood offers many advantages as a design material. Both a sustainable resource and a visually warm surface, its grain and luster can compliment a verdant outlook or bring a crisp, contemporary appeal to a project.


Groza Featured in 65 Degrees Magazine

JULY 2013 | 65 Degrees Magazine

We've all heard the old adage "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". That saying certainly holds true for engineer/builder Cody West, Senior Project Manager at Groza Construction.

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The People, Places, and Ideas Driving Contemporary Design

DECEMBER 2012 | Architecture

The Caterpillar House lives up to its name. Its low, broad roof sweeps over the hones simple S-shaped form, blending it into the spectacular landscape of the Santa Lucia Preserve.


Updating a Townhouse

APRIL 2012 | Exquisite Estates of Monterey Bay 

The connection between homeowners and their architect can make all the difference in the world when it comes to completing a home project. It’s such a personal and intensive undertaking that the right match is critical. 


Builder’s Choice 2011 – Custom Less than 3,500 sq. ft.

OCTOBER 2011 | Builder Magazine

Having purchased one of 300 homesites in the Santa Lucia Preserve, the client for this custom home was adamant that the project have a strong environmental stewardship agenda but something that was unlike your typical suburban tract home. 


Grand Award

AUGUST 2011 | Ecohome Magazine

On a bluff in the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel, Calif., the Caterpillar House sits as a striking example of how sustainable goals, client needs, traditional values, and modern design can come together to form a house as beautiful and functional as the breathtaking land surrounding it.


Home Green Home: Eco-Friendly Architecture on the Peninsula

WINTER 2008 | Carmel Magazine

From Carmel Magazine, Winter 2008
By Renee Brincks


Groza Construction, Inc. — A Foundation of Vision and Integrity

SUMMER 2007 | American Builders Quarterly

Visionary. That is perhaps the best descriptor for Groza Construction Inc., a California-based company founded in 1978 by Brian Groza. With an emphasis on elite custom homes in the Monterey Peninsula area, the 54-year-old builder does not shy away from challenges.


Respect for Nature Makes Good Design Sense

FALL 2006  |  Homestyle by the Sea Magazine

Encompassing 20,000 unsullied acres in the Santa Lucia Mountains, The Preserve strikes a balance of respect for nature and historic lands with people’s desire to reside here.  The “green design” of Dan and Sandy Feldman’s vacation retreat shares a strong attachment to those sentiments. 

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