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Kitchen Trends – Linking it all together


By Charles Moxham

From Kitchen Trends Magazine, Vol. 29 No. 3


Photography by Tim Maloney; Architect, kitchen designer: Lindy Small AIA


Set beside a golf course, this kitchen naturally responds to the scenery


Natural wood offers many advantages as a design material. Both a sustainable resource and a visually warm surface, its grain and luster can compliment a verdant outlook or bring a crisp, contemporary appeal to a project.


Here, the homeowners wanted the existing closed-off kitchen remodeled as an open, modern workspace that would work well for one or many, says architect and kitchen designer Lindy Small. “We began by putting a larger window into the kitchen, and transforming the greater environment. We knocked down walls to open up the kitchen to the adjacent living spaces. This also optimized scenic views out both the north and south sides of the kitchen. Then we created two freestanding islands, which provide open circulation and expanded workspaces, as well as counter seating for five.”


In addition, the central part of the ceiling was raised and slots added, allowing light to filter down from two existing skylights. This approach avoids a harsh glare on the work surfaces. The choice of cabinetry was also influenced by the quest for lightness and a connection with the outdoors.


“White oak cabinets offer a natural accent, contributing to the airy feel of the workspace and connecting in material terms with the trees on the golf course,” Lindy Small says. “At the same time, the pale tones of the wood ensure the kitchen is in harmony with the surrounding environment, rather than calling attention to itself.”


Opaque glazing allows subtle lines of the cabinet contents to be discerned, for easy reference; while a long open shelf below allows other items to be more prominently displayed. A minimalist stainless steel range hood, complemented by slimline tapware and cabinet hardware all work well with the white oak wood and green glass tiles.


Besides winning aesthetics, every practical necessity is also included—from ample storage to pop-up electrical outlets for multiple appliances. A work desk, positioned to face out to the greens, was created by running the glass countertop over a gap in the cabinetry.



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